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Clifton Mitchell Simon Roberts - Security Aleart' in the Big Leagues

IT was a proud moment for Nottingham when Carl Froch unleashed an eighth-round thunderbolt but Derby played a massive part in making the night a success.

Clifton Mitchell's Security Alert was contracted to look after the 80,000-plus spectators and countless celebrities who turned up to see the biggest fight in British boxing history.

Zara Phillips, daughter of Princess Anne, her husband rugby star Mike Tindall, chef Gordon Ramsey, actor Danny Dyer, boxer Amir Khan and James Bond actor Daniel Craig were all looked after by security staff from Derby, drawn from the elite full-time employees at Clifton Mitchell's firm.

Clifton says: "Running the security at Wembley everything has to run perfectly. If it goes well then it's brilliant for your reputation but all it takes is one suspicious package and it's a disaster. With royalty there, I was on edge. It was a job that any security company in the country would have loved to have, so it was a massive result for us."


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